Best management practices in phosphine monitoring – The NANOFUM project: a webinar you can’t afford to miss

We are pleased to invite you to a private online demo/webinar about the best management practices in phosphine monitoring and a first presentation of the NANOFUM project. NANOFUM aims to develop highly-evolved, smart gas sensors and cloud-based tools, to address specific safety challenges in sanitation and protection of stored commodities such as grains.

Join our expert consortium from Greece and Germany to discuss about:

  • Remote Precision fumigation (Faye Beligianni, Centaur)
  • Phosphine distribution on different structures (Christos Athanassiou, CERTH)
  • Nanotube sensors and phosphine monitoring (Viktor Bezugly, SmartNanotubes)
  • Phosphine resistance monitoring (Christos Athanassiou, CERTH)


Date: Monday, 29th November
Time: 15:00 Central European Time
Duration: 1 Hour


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